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WizKidBiz is not just a business but a service for creative marketing
Jagr Peabody
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WizKidBiz is the concept of Tony Ranieri (a.k.a. Jagr Peabody ~ lead web designer). Tony started working on computers in 1986. Since designing his first web site "WhizKid Web' Tony has used the name ever since. Today with five whizkids of his own WizKidBiz is a tribute to both the past and a pathway for future whizkids. Today Tony's family include, artists, animators, actors, singers, dancers and musicians.
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WizKidBiz collaborates with a number of professionals in the web design field. As of 2012 WizKidBiz began working with Digital Vision a New Braunfels Texas based Internet Marketing company. This partnership allows Digital Vision and WizKidBiz to expanded their state-of-the-art internet marketing solutions on a nationwide basis with an expanded portfolio of professional solutions for all Internet website and media related needs.
Who We Are
WizKidBiz offers over 20 years of internet consulting and website design experience.
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Telephone: (510) 219-5111

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