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Website Audio / Video / Music Production

All WizKidBiz web design services are customized and tailored for our customers specific needs. WizKidBiz is unique by offering professional website audio, video and music production services

Audio Production

The WizKidBiz team offers audio services. Whether your designing a web site that requires audio narration, commercials or voice over characterization, WizKidBiz can provide the professional resources you need. Our staff includes professional actors/actresses

Video Production

WizKidBiz team not only includes professional actors, but collaborates with professional video producers and film editors. If you need resources for commercials, short films or documentaries please give us a call.

Music Production

WizKidBiz also offers music production services. Included in the WizKidBiz family is It's Good Studio. It's Good Studio can provide musicians, soundtracks, and recording engineers for any genre of music.
Who We Are
WizKidBiz offers over 20 years of internet consulting and website design experience.
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Telephone: (510) 219-5111

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