Website Design Services

  • Consulting Services

    WizKidBiz offers custom consulting services. WizKidBiz has consulted for small business to Industry websites. WizKidBiz specializes in "Internet PR". WKB can create an internet presence that promotes your goals for advertising and marketing.
    Tony Ranieri CEO and has a degree in Information Systems Management specializing in Internet Protocol infrastructure and marketing concepts. Whether or not you are already have an established website presence WIzKidBiz can offer solutions to increase your image, and exposure on the internet.

  • Content Writing

    As an option WizKidBiz offers website content writing. If our customers don't already have descriptive marketing material WizKidBiz can provide the page content descriptions requiring key word marketing (SEO) content needed for their website. Writing to market a product or service can sometimes be difficult. It's not enough to simply list your product or service as much as define those key elements that make your service offers unique.

  • Reports

    WizKidBiz offers both free and custom reports for all our customers. Before WizKidBiz ever begin a project each customer will have a report on what internet content currently represents them on the internet. WKB evaluates the accuracy and synchronization of the information. Custom reports include evaluating domain names, hosting platforms, marketing and advertising solutions and billing accurately. WKB also offers detailed traffic reports and analysis on specific websites. With website analytics customers can determine their return on their investment (ROI) and if necessary make modification to increase their visibility and attract more customers.

  • Marketing Solution

    WizKidBiz works with a number of marketing companies. Yelp, Angies List, and Gannett just to name a few. WizKidBiz personally knows many of the local San Francisco Bay area representatives. WKB can offer representing your company comparing multiple advertising offers from the various marketing companies. WKB can also recommend sites where you can advertise your company without any additional cost. WKB has been in the business for many years and can often times negotiate a discount for their clients with various marketing representatives.

  • Search Engine Optimization - (SEO)

    A variety of methods can increase the prominence of a webpage within the search results. Cross linking between pages of the same website to provide more links to most important pages may improve its visibility. Writing content that includes frequently searched keyword phrase, so as to be relevant to a wide variety of search queries will tend to increase traffic. Updating content so as to keep search engines crawling back frequently can give additional weight to a site. Adding relevant keywords to a web page's meta data, including the title tag and meta description, will tend to improve the relevancy of a site's search listings, thus increasing traffic. URL normalization of web pages accessible via short and easy to remember urls, all count towards the page's link popularity score.

  • Custom Website Design

    WizKidBiz considers all websites custom. Your company or personal site is considered unique to WKB and we believe in innovation and creative content. Statistically if a website user doesn't stay on your website for more than 15 to 20 seconds they will leave and are not likely to return. WizKidBiz takes every approach to avoid this from happening. WizKidBiz will often times use slightly unconventional designs, templates, graphics and content. WKB looks for creative, fun and functional solutions for every customer